Bali Magic and Meaning Retreat Jan 21st - 27th 2024

with Christine Dickson and Kathy Price

The Bali Magic and Meaning Retreat is a 7 day/6 night Retreat hosted by Christine Dickson and Kathy Price and held within walking distance of Ubud, in the heart of beautiful Bali.
Staying at a luxurious retreat centre, we will help you access the Magic and Meaning of who you really are. Every day we will explore how to step into Joy, Creativity, Connection and Purpose ….. how to step back into our true selves.
Fun and joy are an integral part of this Retreat and will include visits and activities such as a trip to the Monkey Forest and Temple, exploring mountains, waterfalls and beaches, eating breakfast overlooking a volcano and generally soaking up the warmth and culture of the Balinese people.
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Journey on Podcast Summit – Down Under

I am so happy and grateful to have been able to present at the Australian Journey On Podcast Summit in Melbourne.
It was an amazing gathering of wonderful people both presenters and audience.
My talk was entitled 
“The Nature of Us”.
You can watch my talk together with all of the other talks and discussion panels by clicking this link.
Purchase Recording here.

“Kathy’s treatments are wonderful, they tap into the uniqueness of each person and leave you feeling more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually, bringing a sense of peace and healing that is beyond words” ~ Linda Tasker

Whether animal or human, every system wants to be in balance as that is the place of health.

But issues like emotional upheaval, trauma, or disease can knock that system out of balance. My job, and passion, is to help the system access the information it needs to heal itself.

I am Kathy Price and I am the sum of all my experiences.

Every experience I have had has led to the me I am now: mother, wife, farmer, horse lover, many years of studying and practising different energetic modalities, plus every mad experience I have had working with energy and every interaction I have had with every person or client- human or animal.

Helping You Heal Yourself

I assist people and animals all over the world every day. Whether it’s illness, injury, emotional upset, guidance with a big decision, or you can’t quite put your finger on what’s troubling your beloved family member, I am here to help.

Sessions for People

Sessions for Animals

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