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 Point of Balance 
Helping you Heal Yourself

Issues such as:-

  • Physical trauma such as accident or injury
  • Mental trauma
  • Emotional issues
  • Disease

can knock a person’s or animal’s system out of balance.

When I work my intention is to be a facilitator helping the system access the energy and information it needs to heal itself.

Whether plant, animal or human every system wants to be in balance as that is the place of ease and thus health.

My work is about helping the system to find the information it needs to bring itself back into balance at every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and so bring itself back to health.

The only healer is the system itself.

If you feel you need help to heal please:-
click the session button below and follow the steps to book the session that is right for you, your horse or pet.

If you have any questions please email me at

I am Kathy Price and I am the sum of all my experiences.
This work is my purpose and my passion.
Every experience I have had has led to the me I am now:-

🌟horse lover, wife, mother, farmer, scientist
🌟many years of studying and practising different energetic modalities 
🌟every mind blowing experience I have had working with energy,

🌟every beautiful interaction I have had with all my clients – both people and animals.

“Kathy’s treatments are wonderful, they tap into the uniqueness of each person and leave you feeling more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually, bringing a sense of peace and healing that is beyond words” ~ Linda Tasker

Sessions for People

Sessions for Animals

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