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A Client's Perspective by Tania Kindersley

When Kathy Price says, ‘Can I zap your horses?’ you say yes. If you are me, you say yes at once, almost without thought. You say yes because she is trained as a scientist. You say yes because she is a sheep farmer, a woman of earth and weather and livestock. You say yes because she is a fine, empathetic horsewoman. You say yes because she has devoted the last fifteen years of her life to the path of knowledge, wherever that may lead her. You say yes because she is funny and thoughtful and utterly authentic There is nothing airy or fairy about her. There is no hint of the zealot or the charlatan. She’s explained to me twenty times what it is that she does and I’ve watched her do it and I still can’t tell you precisely what it is. She is Hamlet: ‘There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.’

All I can tell you is what I saw. On a sunny morning in Scotland she walked into a big paddock with two thoroughbred mares. The only physical thing she did was hold out her hand, slightly to her side. The mares, who had three acres to move around in, chose to come to her. They stood facing her. They started to go into a dreamy doze. They blinked. They chewed with their mouths. They yawned and yawned and yawned. They did a series of comical yoga stretches. They then went into what I can only describe as a sort of trance.

Each of them, at one point, wandered over to say hello to me. Then they went back and stationed themselves by Kathy. They got as close to her as they could, without ever breaking our polite field rule about personal space. They seemed to be sucking into themselves whatever she was offering them. At this stage, she was talking merrily to another human who was asking her fascinated questions. ‘Give us more of the good stuff,’ said the mares, stretching out their delicate noses and closing their eyes. ‘Please.’ It was as if they were absorbing the very atoms of her being.

She did this on three mornings in a row and each time the mares seemed connected to her by an invisible line. They are spirited thoroughbreds, but they are capable of great peace and stillness. Peace and stillness is something I consciously work on. But I have never seen anything quite like this. They had never met her before, but there was nowhere they would rather be than by her side.

When I pushed Kathy to distil what she does into four words, a brutal demand, she took a while to think and then said, ‘Helping horses heal themselves.’ I’ll take that. I’d describe it as an offering of energy, a creation of flow, a removal of blocks. I am a rational person. I like empirical proofs. At the same time, I am open-minded and I believe in the mysteries of the universe. The human brain is still a dark continent; the most brilliant neurobiologists only understand how about forty percent of the brain works. Not that long ago in human history, electricity was unimaginable, and when it was imagined and harnessed, many people feared it and thought it the work of the devil. So, just because I can’t explain something it does not mean that something does not work. The inventions of tomorrow are the unknowns of today. All the same, I am shy of inchoate theoreticals that come without data. I love a control group and a damn good study, performed with rigour.

Yet what I saw in that field and what I felt in that field was vividly real. The singing peace in the mares was palpable. The stretching, the yawning, the wibbling of the lips felt like a deep form of letting go. That is why I would describe it as a removing of blocks. I felt the half hour as a paradox. There was a strong sense of stillness, but in the stillness there was movement, as if the energy Kathy was creating moved from humans to horses and back to humans. Nothing was happening and a huge amount was happening.

So, there. I’ve written down a mystery. What I can tell you is that it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I felt privileged to be there and I felt profoundly grateful for Kathy’s generosity. It was something that I shall never forget.




15 years of study, practising other modalities and working with hundreds of horses and people here is my working “theory” (ha!ha!) on what is happening – and of course as a “scientist” I have to have one of them!😁

I now sit in a place where the less I am consciously involved in the process, the more powerful it becomes.
I just have to “be” and not “do”! (Hence I often chat whilst working!)

When working with a person or horse, the ONLY healer in the equation is whoever I am working with be it person or animal.

Their system “knows” what it needs to come back into balance and so to health.
I do not.

The “energy” I work with is not from me or through me and I do not decide or direct what the person or horse needs.

My job is to be the satellite or facilitator for the system I am working with to access the energy, light and information they need to heal themselves.

I don’t need to “do” anything such as scan or work in a particular place and in fact much prefer not to know the reason for anyone coming to see me.

My experience has shown that the more I remove myself from the equation the clearer “satellite” I become and the more effective I am at helping others heal themselves!

Hope that makes sense!

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