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Awareness of Pattern and Self. A step too far? 5.11.17

In this episode of Teazel’s Tales, Teazel talks of how enlightenment is wonderful, but the process can be scary.

Awareness of Pattern and Self. A step too far? 5.11.17
We grow up in a pattern determined by experience, perception and parenting. When we start our journey into exploration of self/spirituality, however unwittingly, it can be scary!
We understand that our pattern is a false self, a protection mechanism developed over how ever many years as a means to be able to operate in this world and keep us safe. As we step onto the journey of enlightenment, we realise how fake our pattern and our need for it really is.
We can then become scared.

Our pattern is our conscious self, it is who we are (incisive, fearful, dominant, submissive – delete as appropriate), but our new found knowledge that our “self” is in fact a construct and not real, can be scary. If we accept the construct/pattern is not us, then who are we?

There is a void in front of us with no definition of us visible or tangible, we feel we will “disappear” if we take that next step into the seeming void.

This however is actually the place of empowerment. It is here we are free to step out of our old, protective coat of armour, which appeared to keep us safe, but in fact blocked us experiencing the true reality of our life and who we truly are.

When we take that first step to enlightenment, we can be overcome with not only fear at leaving our perceived “self” behind, but be totally overwhelmed at the perceived journey ahead.

Who am I now?
How do I find myself?
What do I need to do?
Who can help me?

The ultimate goal of travelling down the road to enlightenment has opened before us, but our ability to actually take the first step towards it on that road, alludes us due to fear of the enormity of it all.

The answer is to breath, to be, to surrender and to accept.

The surrender and acceptance is all about allowing ourselves to step out of out “old” self and know that the new is right there straight away, immediately in front of us waiting for us to perceive it and accept it.
The surrender is not to “think” to know what steps have to be done and in what order, in order to achieve the state of enlightenment we so crave!

When we relax and rejoice that we freed ourselves of our pattern and conscious self, the whole Universe is open before us and is rejoicing at another spirit set free!
All we have to so is take the first step, no more. That first step is acceptance of what has happened, of leaving who we were behind, and acceptance of trusting in the Universe that the second step will become clear in due time and course.

To climb a flight of stairs leading up one hundred floors seems a monumental task, but at the end of the day all we have to do is take that first step and then the next step, and then the next and then the next. Before we know it we are on the first floor.

There is also NO-ONE dictating a time scale for this journey/climb to be done. We may rest at any stage for as long as we want. Any pressure we feel is of our own making. The Universe is not at all worried how long we take to find and take the next step – only we are.

So the journey of surrender and acceptance to find the real you becomes valid, real and so powerful once we leave the fake protective pattern of our old self behind and embrace the new.