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Teazel came to me here on the farm on 17th April 2015.
On 18th Aug 2015 I felt the urge to grab my notebook and pen and go and sit with her in the barn.

I started writing and at great speed I filled six pages with seemingly “automatic” writing.
From then up to the present day, whenever I get the feeling to sit with her, the same thing happens….
I start to write … the words just flow…… there are never any crossings out…. some words are written in capitals…. punctuation is added as I write.

I have no idea of what I have written until the writing stops and I read it back.

All of the following posts happened in the same way and all are recorded in the book shown below.

As I start to record these posts here on my website some five years after I originally wrote them, I am humbled, grateful and totally amazed at how they seem to accurately predict the path both my work and life have taken.
Thank you Teazel. You truly are my teacher!


I shall be regularly adding more of Teazel’s Tales to this page.

Evie’s Words

Evie is now joining in with Teazel – leading me to insights and experiences.
The words Evie gave me are all about our past experiences and how we carry them with us always.

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A Ripple in the Field 22.01.23

An insight to the expression of physicality – we are a Ripple in the Unified Field. It looks at how the ripples that create a horse and the human are inextricably connected.

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