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Evie's Words. 27.10.23

The other day I was so happy that my amazing friend Cat – (Catriona Macdonald of came to work with both Teazel and Evie. It was a wildly busy day for me so I left Cat in the presence of my horses knowing I would get a full report later that day.

And oh what a report. Evie told and showed Cat how she Evie, felt she knew this area she is now living in, from living more than once here. Cat felt once it was ancient maybe thousands of years ago and once more recent as if Roman times. Evie has mentioned this to Cat before and Cat told me how Evie feels as though she can sometimes perceive the valley we live in as if in ancient times …… and then as it is now …… confusing her slightly and wanting her to stop and look. This is very much a seen trait of Evie’s, so maybe, just maybe that is what she is noticing – the fact that the valley is now so different from when she last knew it – who knows?

Cat’s information about Evie was very exciting and thought provoking and as Cat was relaying her experiences with Evie I had a sense of Evie in the days ahead maybe wanting to communicate more.

And this is indeed what she did. For those who know my work you may know already about the blog on my website called Teazel’s Tales. This is the collection of writings that have happened over the 7 years since Teazel came into my life where I have felt called to sit with Teazel, notebook and pen in hand and write whatever came to me.

Well today Evie took it a step further. As I was walking down the hill from feeding them both this morning, I could “feel” words coming through, but instead of writing them down I recorded them on my phone and then transcribed them. The words were from Evie and pertained to what Cat had described of Evie “knowing” this area from different times.

Who knows where these words actually come from – is it direct from Evie or is it that she puts me in a place/connection to receive them from The Field? It is a point I have sometimes wondered about, but realise that it is actually of no consequence how it happens, I am just blessed that it does. But I have to say this message DID feel as though Evie was sending it to me.

Below are the words that came to me this morning.

I hope you enjoy them
Love and hugs
Kathy xxx

Evie’s Words

I wanted to show you that every lifetime we have we do carry forward knowings of the previous lifetimes. To a certain extent me as a horse, you could say I have more ease to find these shimmering, glimmerings of memories or feelings from previous lives.

I feel the fact that I have been born and come to this valley is for a reason and it’s to help illustrate this. That through our many lifetimes, whether we are an animal or a person, we don’t actually forget what we’ve learned before. It depends how present we are as to how easily we can find those learnings.

But they are there.

We are pure energy.
And energy is information.

So even when we’ve died from one lifetime in the physical sense, all of the information that we had in that lifetime is still with us. So when we come into another lifetime, we in essence have that information, we have that knowledge. But it depends if we can access it as to whether we can use it.

It also depends whether the lesson that we’ve come to learn in this new lifetime is about something else. So maybe it’s not appropriate for us to access that previous knowledge, the knowledge that we carried forward in the new lifetime, because we have a similar lesson to learn but maybe from a different angle.

This is all about everything is one.

We are the trees, we are the land, we are the grass, all of the energy of physicality on the earth, which in itself is a massive energy, is all linked.

So me as Evie, when I came into the valley, I resonated with the energy of this place. It feels like I’ve been here before, if not once, then twice or maybe more times in different time zones, or eras as the humans see the time spectrum.

For me it’s a time slip bump from one to the other and back again. I can step back into the other. And this was a bit disconcerting for me when I started because I wasn’t sure what was happening in the sense that I knew the place of old. And then I knew the place of new and I was slipping between the two.

So it was a bit confusing. And I’d stop and stare and say why am I here? Where am I? Which lifetime moment am I in? But now I’m beginning to settle to this fact.

The fact I’m going to other lifetimes.

And this I think is what I bring forward. It is the fact that nothing is separate. Everything is connected through time, as well as space.
So although within linear time I may have been here 4000 years ago and 2000 years ago and now, and maybe in between as well.

It makes no difference.
It’s all one.
It’s all connected.
It’s all next door side by side.
There’s no distance between them.

I think that’s one of the lessons I’ve come to share.


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