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Expectation 14.06.24

This morning I had been talking with one of my Gateway to You groups and the subject of expectation came up. We had a great back and forth about the subject.
I felt very drawn to go and sit with Teazel and Evie. As usual I have no idea what I am going to write until I sit down and actually start writing.
It was so interesting that the first thing I wrote was
“Is anything coming through?”
as it would be very easy for me to get to a place of expectation that just because I am sat with the horses, a subject will appear.
Probably no surprise then that the subject this time was expectation.


Is anything going to come through??
The power of expectation is one to take us out of ourselves.
With expectation comes an energy of direction – this is where I/we are heading for, going to go.
It can be a powerful energy fuelled by need/desire/want/lack of – the lack part is our reaction if we feel we are not good enough, we give ourselves an “expectation” of what we should be doing, what our work “should” look like.

By stepping into expectation we effectively close off any other possibilities, our energy/focus/mind is directed down the one path to fulfil the expectation. Any other versions of feeling, understanding or movement become effectively blocked.

Expectation can arise in so many different scenarios
– work

– health
– family

– pathway forward

Expectation comes into a “need” to reach a goal, perform an action, access a feeling.
That need has an energy that is not conducive to flow.
Flow is about being present in the moment, following the energy that is presented to us.
It is about releasing into and embracing our innate connection and wisdom trusting that we “know” the next right step, a step that we didn’t have to work out, think about or process.
We are being and doing in a way we are innately designed for.
If you like expectation narrows the beam from a torch.
If we shine a torch into the darkness looking for something we expect to see, a narrow beam will give us a very limited view of what is in front of us.
With no expectation it is as though we have switched the overhead light on, the whole vista is illuminated and from that view point we can step easily into the most appropriate place or onto the most powerful path that is right for us in that particular moment.