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Gateway to You Reviews

“I have to be honest, the start of the “Gateway to You” course left me feeling disappointed (keep reading 😉).

I was feeling so much anticipation leading up to my awakening session, I had images in my head of an exorcism type event, where all of my demons would be cast off and a lightning bolt of “now you are fixed” would strike me. My awakening came and went and there was no violent shaking and somehow, I seemed to have missed the lightning bolt. I reached out to Kathy, and she ever so gently reminded me about intention, attention, no tension. So I thought, “right, right…omm, omm, relax relax (checks watch) still no fucking lightning bolt!”

Then the course work came and the discussions flowed and flowed, and I began to find there was a slow and steady softening in myself. I began to realize how much I had been chasing silver bullets to “fix” me, because I didn’t find myself worthy of a “fix” that might take some real time, effort, and commitment. I settled into this realization, softened some more, committed to the time and effort, and then came to another realization. Just maybe I am not actually inherently broken, and maybe, I don’t actually need to be fixed at all! 

Weeeelllllll, that changes things! I made the shift from feeling like an old broken toy in the back of the closet, just waiting for someone to fix me, to feeling like a vessel to fill with life and love and human experience. I continue to notice small and mighty shifts on a nearly continuous basis. I am eternally grateful to Kathy and my course mates for genuine, open, and enlightening conversations.

I would encourage anyone considering this course to soften to that little knowing. It’s even better than you could expect ❤️”
Rebecca Howe – Nov 2023

“I have participated in several programs to explore energetic connections. One distinct difference between those courses and the Gateway to You program is how easy it is to understand and effectively implement the information without complicated rituals and tools.

Thank you, Kathy; you are an exquisite soul—your love, kindness, and compassion radiate through your work. I am forever grateful for your commitment to helping others expand and grow by sharing your ongoing knowledge and experience.

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to increase their awareness of energetic connections and find their point of balance at every level.  

In gratitude”-Binny Skidgel

“If the Universe has crossed your path with Kathy Price, do not ignore this gift. Kathy is a light house on the path to connection with all things that are good. 

Not only did her class introduce me to the Unified Field, the magic of energy, a wonderful and supportive group of like-minded women, one of my VERY BEST soul mate friends who lives across the country, but she created a sacred space in which I become open to receiving the message that being sensitive is not a burden, it is an incredible gift. 

Kathy will lead you to your own unique gift and a community that will support you while you learn more about yourself and the Universe.

There is life before meeting Kathy Price and there is life after, and they are not the same.  She will lead you down a delightful rabbit hole of self-discovery and the magic the Universe holds for you.”

Abby PratherMullis

“Kathy Price and The Gateway to You course is truly something amazing. It has deepened my understanding of the processes of the universe and how to find balance in a world that seems uncertain at times. It has allowed me to fall even deeper into the journey of self evolution, but in the most wonderful of ways.

The course is created in a way that is friendly to numerous learning styles with audio, written text, and video, which was incredibly helpful to someone like me who has sometimes struggled with learning in a one style fits all type of way.

Through Kathy’s course, I not only learned more about the universe and myself, but I also was able to connect with other likeminded people who were supportive and kind.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into self-exploration and learn more about energy and how the universe flows, the Gateway to You course is an excellent starting point for anyone. My life has truly changed for the better and I can’t thank Kathy enough for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us.”

Kim Larson-Daiker

“I’ve had an interest in energy for a long time but recently I’ve become more interested in connection and self knowing. Having been led to Kathy (like many others) by the Journey On podcast, I decided to take the plunge and do the Gateway To You course in Jan 2023. It did not disappoint. Kathy’s enthusiasm, encouragement and support comes so naturally to her and very soon it felt like we were a little family journeying together exploring universal truths, each in our own way. The course opened my mind and horizons allowing me to explore other modalities and clinicians along the way which is totally encouraged by Kathy. I’ve come a long way since January and I owe a huge thanks to Kathy. Doing the course was a really good decision so if you’re wondering, just do it!! 💕”
Jo Ellis


“Not only was Kathy’s course a Gateway to Finding Me again, it was a Gateway for change in how I see and experience my world. 

From the big things, to the smallest details of everyday life, Kathy has shown me a whole new way to see, be present, and participate in my life.  I refer to my course notes regularly and continue to learn and expand on what I learned during this wonderful course. 

Thank you Kathy for sharing your incredible gifts with us.”

Emily. March 2023


“When Kathy asked me to write a review for her amazing “Gateway to Us” course I immediately said yes just about as fast as I jumped at the chance to take it. It is but a minuscule token of an attempt to reciprocate what she has done for me through the sharing of herself and her work.

But then when I went to write it,  I felt so stuck. How in the world was I going to convey the immense gratitude I have for Kathy and how generously and authentically she has shared that through the creation of this course?!? 

There are just not the words in the English language to explain the felt sense of connectedness I now have with the world thanks to Kathy.
A world I have all my life so deeply cared for and reached out to but felt a struggle to live in.  

Well, Kathy is pure love embodied. And through her course I was transformed by that love. As she explains so well, “the system finds the information it needs to heal.”

For me I discovered the universe loves and accepts and embraces me. Intellectually, I always understood some aspects of this but Kathy guided me to a place of deep safety, showed me my ability to tap into and trust my inner knowing.

Prior to meeting Kathy, I was on a perpetual downward slope of not believing in my own capacity. But through this work I began to understand the earth, which I love so very much, and have always wished to be of service to along with all her creatures, is truly sentient. That she is holding me with open arms. Since Gateway to Us, my biggest dreams have manifested.  I am now living in service on a Ranch in Taos New Mexico with thousands of acres of land where my work is to learn to listen to the land on how to restore it, and to be informed by the inner wisdom of the horses on how to live in a healthy sustainable community, where we create art and music and a center for wisdom speakers from around the world can come to share their messages. I am pinching myself that this is what is being created!!! 

Before Kathy’s course I believed myself too small to be able to step into this kind of service, a calling of my heart ever since I can remember. I now live in immense gratitude for everything that is here, and that my biggest dreams already are. As Rumi says “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”

Bless you Kathy Price for showing me the truth of this and the profound impact that has had on my life.”


 Robin Waughman



“Gateway to You is the Big Mumma to my life.

I was privileged to be part of the inaugural course and beyond the magnificent teachings have forged global bonds with my fellow students. And that kinda best describes the experience – connection.

At the time of enrolment, I was emerging from a chrysalis stage in life where I’d completely disintegrated and was creating a new way to be. GTY became the pivot around which all else evolved. I believed it would give me the space to expand and take on new learnings. Thus I signed up for several other courses simultaneously, deeply content that overwhelm is no longer a thing.

I’d always described myself as an ‘ideas person and a good second’ – better behind a leader than being a leader. Now I follow through on my own ideas as I know I have the capacity to help things happen.

My internal contraction has melted. I am now soft inside, space that feels the flow of universal wisdom. Today I visited a new client and afterwards she commented that Jerry the donkey stayed relaxed with me because of my energy.

A year ago, I was a sniff away from leaving the veterinary profession. Because of my internal changes and the rise to authenticity, I now practise as I’ve always wanted to instead of fitting the veterinarian stereotype. The animals are telling me I’m getting it right.


Kathy Price is integral to my blossoming. She releases people from their tight bud stage. She is a Gardener of Potential.

I bless her daily.”

Brenna Barber

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