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How does it work?

Everything exists before science figures out how to explain it, as is the case with Point of Balance.

I come from a background in science and always have a ready dose of healthy scepticism to hand. That said, during the last fifteen years of work and research I cannot deny the amazing things I have experienced, so until science “discovers” an explanation of how this works, I come from the place where my experience is my truth.

Quantum Physicists agree that everything is interconnected energy and there is only a minute amount of “matter” in any atom. Ourselves and everything around us are made up of vibrating energy, and the only barriers that hamper our connection are the ones we however unwittingly, create ourselves.

My job is to make it easier for your system to access the information it needs to heal itself. I can help or facilitate but I cannot make any change happen. I’m like a satellite that helps transmit the relevant knowledge, light and energy from the universe that your system needs to find balance, and thus health and full potential.

To prevent any interference (from self-imposed barriers or otherwise), there are three important things I do.

  1. I “step back” out of the healing equation and act as a catalyst/facilitator. My work is solely to facilitate your access to the information.
  2. I accept and understand that whatever happens as a result of a session has nothing to do with me. It is not me causing any change. I do not approach a session thinking I know what you need, or how to “heal” you. Whether a massive healing occurs, or whether the client perceives no change has occurred, my job is to be a clear facilitator.  Any changes that occur are solely down to the system of the client.
  3. I am not attached to any outcome. If you came to me with a bad back, although it is natural to hope you will get relief from the pain, with Point of Balance I know that whatever needs to happen will happen, and it is not for me to decide what that may be.

One other important thing: it’s a session, not a treatment.

The word “treatment” infers I know what is wrong with you and that I know how to treat it.

In many energetic modalities, the practitioner needs to know why you have come to them and many require a medical history be taken. A practitioner may also “scan” you to look for areas of what they perceive as unbalanced energy or weakness. This is done so the practitioner knows where and how to work, in order that they may “treat” the problem.

I believe that your system always knows what it needs to move back into balance, but sometimes there are things (emotions, trauma, etc) preventing you making that healing shift. My job is to facilitate your system in accessing the energy, light and information it needs so that you can move to your own unique Point of Balance and so back to health.