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Podcast with Ronnie King of Equine Voices

I was so happy and grateful to be invited back by Ronnie King from Equine Voices for another chat with her. Ronnie is an amazing animal communicator and as you will hear during the podcast, she is in constant contact with the horses.
In this podcast we were joined by two of my clients Brenna from New Zealand a vet with many years of practise under her belt and by Katy who is a doctor working at the sharp end of medicine in accident and emergency, specialising in trauma care. Thank you to both Brenna and Katy for taking the time to join us and share their experiences and wisdom.
Just a great conversation with as usual a lovely dose of laughter. Once again thanks to Ronnie for being such a beautiful, generous person.
Please click on photo below to listen to the podcast.

Please click on link to listen to the podcast.