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The Principles of Point of Balance

I am merely a facilitator for you to find what you need to heal yourself.

Beneficial change does occur with every session, but I understand that some people may perceive that there has been no change. The consistency of experience and feedback over the years suggests healing can occur incrementally over a period of time as well as instantaneously.

Change can happen faster than the speed of light, but the human condition can make the person think that they have to be treated for at least 30 mins – 1 hour for any change to occur and that they will need several sessions.

We have been socially conditioned by modern medicine about what is and what is not possible, so people may also believe that having a session of “energetic” medicine cannot possibly help heal the very real, physical symptoms they are experiencing. But we are energetic beings and ANYTHING is possible!

It is not my place to open the door to healing with my left hand and push the person through with my right. For true healing to occur the person has to step through of their own accord.

I do not scan or decide where to work on a person in relation to their symptoms. Doing this I might identify an area of “energy imbalance” and try to rectify it thinking that was what was needed, when in reality the imbalance was necessary for the area to heal (think of how a twisted ankle swells in an effort to immobilise the joint and prevent further injury). By facilitating the access to every possible permutation of light, energy and information the system of the person can find what it needs to heal itself. I stay out of the way!!

Only one session is needed. Clients certainly come back if later on something else happens and they feel they need a session, but rarely do I give more than one session.

The thinking behind this is that as described above, if the person does not perceive any change after a session, then the change may be gradual. Or if nothing changes the person may not be in the right place AT THAT MOMENT to step through “the door” to access full healing.

I may give up to three sessions if a client is experiencing change and they themselves feel they would benefit from another session e.g. this can sometimes be the case in people suffering from acute conditions such as cancer.