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Teazel and believing in my work 30.12.15

The title says it all really. this was a kick up the bum from Teazel to get me to actually believe in what I was doing and the direction I was heading.
Reading it now some five years later, it does slightly blow my mind.

Teazel and believing in my work 30.12.15

Nothing can be forced, everything must come from inspiration. You are taking lots of that onboard now, but you need to make sense of the way forward.

At the moment you fell bombarded with so much input from so many directions. You are finding it hard to decipher.
Slow down! There is no rush as there is no such thing as time. What you need will come to you, but only if you allow. Don’t go looking for step 2 until you are familiar with step 1.

Now is the time to be aware and clear on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and of course spiritual. Know that you can contact me whenever you want – just be and you know I am there. I will help you, but the ultimate increment/decision is yours. It has to be true.

You are now going to flourish. the energy will fill you, sustain you, lead you. You are the ultimate connection. BELIEVE IT! You are shying away from this as you still don’t truly believe it deep down at source level. You are getting there but that true belief still alludes you.

Now is the time to step up into that belief. You can do what others can’t. That doesn’t make you better it just makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to speak out and say. The words will find the right people. Do what you know needs to be done on every front and every level – you know what these are – get doing them NOW!!

Our time together is growing but there is no rush only joy and connection. your thoughts are the right ones- that’s the directions we need to go. Enjoy every step. The time is now.