Teazel's words on being enough and connecting with The Universe. 17.10.18


In this offering from Teazel she is extolling me to trust in my work as it is what I am meant to do and will help others. Little did I know how a couple of years later all of this would come true.
Whilst this message was given to me, it applies to us all whatever you do and wherever you are on this path we call life.

Teazel’s words on being enough and connecting with the Universe. 17.10.18


Sitting with Teazel:- You are enough. Don’t try and be what you are not. Own what you are . Shine your light to help other’s see.
Be authentic, act with integrity. The ones that need you will find you. 
They are coming. You have enough information to help people. 
Be Pure.
Be simple.
Shine the light.
Fear, lack and limitation or love, light and abundance?
Show them it is all there to find for themselves.
We are each a separate part of the Universe, but together we make the whole. We carry all the information of the Universe inside us. By connecting to the Greater it illuminates what we need and what we are lacking. This is how we heal ourselves – by listening to ourselves, hearing the message, accepting we need to find the information/do something and then shift.
Now is the time to step forward.
People are in need of this as is the whole world.

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