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A review of The Awakening by Charmaine Lane June 2023

“I first experienced a session with Kathy last year, a point of balance session. Then this year I found myself at a point where I felt I needed some support in plugging into my true self, to help me stay on track with life.

I wasn’t sure if ‘The Awakening’ was the thing for me or not, but decided to give it a try as having experienced Kathy and her amazing way with energy before, I knew it would be powerful!

During the session I felt the energy pulsing through my body, a huge sense of peace and calm washed over me.

Almost to the moment of Kathy finishing the session I felt the energy had ‘done its thing’ and the session felt complete. I feel like Kathy’s sessions take you to where ever is the ‘right’ next place for you and your body.

A centring, re-setting, plugging into source.

From this place I feel a lot clearer and calmer, and like my life can unfold along the path I’m destined to be on.

So thank you Kathy for facilitating the energy to ‘re-set’ me and enable me to move forward.”

This is from an email Charmaine sent me a couple of days after she sent me the review.

“I feel like a huge weight of desperation to make enough money to build a place or find ‘the right people’ has been lifted from me all in one go! And restored belief in the path of living a life of miraculous unfolding and collaborations”

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