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The Key

Unlocking your Power, Purpose and Potential

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 
7pm UK time 
Duration 90 mins each day
Cost £120

In this two part workshop Kathy Price and Terry Kuebler using exercises and explanations, will help you to become energetically aware so that you recognise your own intuition and spiritual guidance.

By understanding how to use your energetic frequency, you will have the tools to help you:-

  • discover your unique purpose,
  • create your best life
  • be a powerful, positive influence in the lives of those around you.

In part one we will be looking at awareness. You will learn

  • how to develop your self-awareness
  • how to pay attention to information gathered from all the body’s senses 
  • the power of thoughts and words

In part two we will develop skills for creating:-

  • authenticity – clarifying your integrity
  • intention – focus and creativity
  • no tension – the power of neutral or no attachment
  • resonance – the ability to re-tune and rebalance in the moment.

The Details
Cost £120

This gives you access to the two live 90 minute sessions as well as lifetime access to the recordings.
During the live sessions you will be able to ask questions via the chat function on Zoom.

Recordings will become available by the day after the talk has gone out.

Payment can be via card or PayPal 

The link below will take you to the Thinkfic site where the Zoom talk is being hosted.

If you do not already have a Thinkific account you will be asked to create one – it is FREE and very simple, just give your email and create a password and you are done. The link will then ask for payment which can be made by card or through PayPal.

The recordings will be available via the same link a few hours after the talks have finished.

NB. The link for part two and the links for the recordings will all be sent to the email address used to create your Thinkific account.


Your Hosts

Kathy Price

From a very young age horses have been THE passion in Kathy’s life. Even though Kathy grew up in the suburbs of London with totally a non-horsey family, somehow the love of the horse was always the most powerful thing in her life.

Kathy comes from a scientific background gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology. Her mindset then was always based on the scientific paradigm of you had to be able to “measure it, replicate it and explain it” for it to be true. If those criteria where in place, she was happy. If they weren’t she didn’t want to know.

That was until in 2003 when with her horse Midnight she went to a horsemanship clinic with clinician Len Judd. For her this clinic was the moment of transformation, a spiritual experience that changed her life.

From that weekend forward, as she stepped into and embraced the world of energy and connection, her need for scientific explanation fell away and her mind set became
 “My Experience is my Truth.”

Now 20 years on, after many years of studying energy, quantum physics, healing, spirituality and training in several energetic modalities, Kathy is well-established in her work which she calls Point of Balance.

Through this purely energetic work her aim is to help the person or animal she is working with move back into balance at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
This move back to balance not only helps them to heal themselves, but also helps them realise their unique power and potential.

Kathy knows categorically that is the horse that has not only led her to the wonderful people around her today, but also continues to lead her into deeper and deeper insights of the fundamental aspects of this World and indeed The Universe, namely that everything is energy and everything is connected.

Kathy’s work includes carrying out sessions in person and at distance with both people and animals, and she feels so blessed and grateful to have clients both people and animals, all over the world.

Terry Kuebler

A uniquely gifted mindset coach, Terry Kuebler moves others toward a true “flow experience,” by helping to consciously raise their personal vibrational frequencies. These, often subtle, energy shifts promote health, vitality, and a greater sense of well-being. In addition, it can strengthen relationships and clarify communication with others, as well as re-igniting a powerful passion for life, new purpose, and higher productivity—opening the floodgates to personal fulfillment and prosperity.  

Growing up on a ranch and surrounded by horses since she was very young, Terry’s innate love of nature and the world around her instinctively drew her to a career as an animal trainer in the Hollywood film industry, spending over 30 years working closely with wild, exotic animals — elephants, large cats, wolves, and birds of prey, as well as the more domesticated dogs, cats…even insects.


Today, Terry has united her two worlds, sharing insights and lessons learned from animals themselves.  With an understanding of their powerful gifts, she is able to release new skills in awareness, coherence, deep listening, and the universal language of frequency as they emanate from these unexpected life coaches.  

With an advanced certification as a Life Coach from The Academy of Coaching Excellence,  Terry holds additional training certifications in multiple energetic healing modalities: Reiki, Shamanic Journeys and Yuen Chinese Energy Medicine.

In her work, Terry seeks to support others in building their own awareness of the power of intention and the role that their thoughts and emotions play toward clear communication between both animals and humans…creating a new relationship of clarity, confidence, and mutual respect.

Thank you for visiting.

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