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The "Science".

Everything exists before science figures out how to explain it, as is the case with Point of Balance.

I come from a background in science and always have a ready dose of healthy scepticism to hand. That said, during the last fifteen years of work and research I cannot deny the amazing things I have experienced, so until science “discovers” an explanation of how this works, I come from the place where my experience is my truth.

Quite early on in my journey into all things energetic, I came across the work of Dr Bruce Lipton and his book The Biology of Belief.  In his book he documents his discovery of the science of Epigenetics – the factors that affect the expression of your genes. What struck me was when Bruce Lipton first began discussing his findings his peers labelled him a heretic. They were so far removed from the current thinking, that no one would believe him. Yet within thirty years not only was the science of Epigenetics an accepted part of cell biology, it was being taught in schools.

This is what I hope will happen for “energetic medicine”. Despite the fact quantum physics accepts that we are all bundles of energy existing in a common field, the idea that the physical body and mental and emotional states of a person could be beneficially changed by working with the energetic field of the person is anathema to modern science.

Unfortunately there is very little research into energetic modalities because it’s unlikely that money will be make as a result of any findings. If research was carried out and the true potential for people to HEAL THEMSELVES was explored and discovered, think how many billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies would lose?

However there was an interesting case documented here in the UK in a series titled “The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs.”

Dr Chris van Tulleken a GP, worked with a 36 old woman called Crystal, a previously active person, who had lived (along with 14 million others in the UK), in chronic pain for 3 years. Doctors could not find the cause of the pain and didn’t know what to do with her. Physio had no effect, she could hardly walk and was on the maximum dose of heavy duty painkillers that could safely be prescribed. This was despite the fact there is NO evidence that opioids have benefit for long term chronic pain, they are addictive (same active compounds as heroin) and long-term use affect hormones and changes the immune system.

Van Tulleken took Crystal to a Kung Fu master, to see if studying with him would have any effect. Two months later the transformation was remarkable, she was moving relatively pain free, and was fully immersed in the art of Kung Fu. The only change she had made was to move and to work with energy and intent. It cost nothing other than going to the classes.

Unfortunately, research and modern medicine are under the control of powerful revenue-driven companies and if the proposed research (no matter how beneficial it may be to the general public) is not in the interest of revenue, researchers are hard pressed to find funding to cover the study.

My dream is that one day research into energetic modalities will be done, the results WILL prove their efficacy and the norm will be changed from being dependant on drugs to realising we can actually heal ourselves.