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6th April 2020. The setting free of me. Teazel 18.08.15



The setting free of me. Today was a weird and yet wonderful day.

Finally I feel able to share what has gone on between me and my amazing horse Teazel.

Below is what happened today, followed by my first ever public sharing of the words Teazel gave me on 18.08.18. It has only taken me four and a half years to step into my authenticity.

This is who I really am. This is what my life is about.

My hope is that if the real you is feeling hidden, fearful or trapped, these words might help set you free.

This morning was a moment of overwhelm. The reality of the situation the world was in hit me full-force. I had the feeling that any family that escaped from this pandemic crisis unscathed would be extremely lucky. I thought it highly probable that I would be one of the unlucky ones.
The sheer vastness of the pain and suffering. The people dying with no relatives by their side. The ICU nurses choosing to be the intermediary between distraught family and dying patient.

The conduit of tearful messages from an absent family to the unconscious loved one.

The only person there as the person passed to the next realm. And all conducted in muffled tones and muted touch through layers of hot, uncomfortable, but oh so precious PPE.

Then the post from the farmer forced to throw his milk down the drain as the processor could no longer pay for the milk, nor use it. Too few customers and too few workers.

Comments were posted that supported of the farmer.

But also there was a comment from the family of a nurse berating the farmer for posting about his problems when their family member was risking her life every day to care for the sick and dying. It felt almost a competition to see whose pain and suffering was the worst, as though there was a finite amount of suffering and pain in the world and one man’s pain and suffering was more worthy to be seen than those of another.

Everything is valid.

Everything is perspective.

I see you both. I hear you both. I honour you both.

I sat weeping in the pain of the world. Where was the way out? Where was a future? It all looked bleak.
But then a fleeting thought kissed my consciousness. What is this pain teaching me? Why am I feeling it? What can arise from this overwhelm?

The answer came immediately.

Now more than ever I do not know how long I have on this Earthly plane. If I have something I need to do, don’t prevaricate. Do it NOW.

The tears stopped. My breath flowed. Calmness washed over me.

OK I get the message.

Time to put on my big girl pants. Time to step into the arena.

I walked out of the house, blessed and grateful to be able to walk freely outside to take my horse to pasture and walk my dog. As many times before,

I plugged my earphones in and listened to an audible book. This morning was the continuation of “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. Yet again the Universe worked it’s magic.

As the words flowed from ear to heart, there was a deep knowing that this was the message.
“… show up as I am wherever I am, that’s it and that’s all. People will like me or not, but being liked is not my one thing, integrity is. So I must live and tell my truth.”
“I am responsible for saying my truth, but not responsible for others reaction to it.”
There it was. There was confirmation of what I had to do. Be me. No apologies. No worrying if people would think me mad, weird or having lost the plot.

This was the reason for the overwhelm this morning, the setting free of me.

Below are the words given to me by my amazing horse Teazel.


Teazel 18/08/15

Needed to do this test/connection- to learn, consolidate, experience, joy, fulfillment, explore, understand, give, see, be, free, release others, wisdom, light, friendship, feeling, light, sensation, richness, stability, mirror, peace.Journey together this plane to the next.

Understand the connection between all things. Energy flows. There is no barrier. Freedom from constraint of the physical. Accessing the wisdom not of this world, reaching beyond the material.

I am in shape a horse but my energy is spirit connection. I have the power to lead and heal follow me closely, watch me closely. I will teach you access to these things.

Our connection is high above the physicality, this is the path you were meant to tread. Our connection will lead to heights of understanding not yet reached. Atom to atom, energy to energy, there is no blockage to attaining bliss. Just be and follow, feel and understand. All is attainable once you free yourself of the constraints you impose upon yourself.

Move freely, learn deeply.

The light is at the end of the tunnel and you are entering into the light now. All will be clear.

Carry on as you are doing. All is well.

There will be a shift in gear of your “healing/connection” power.

Calm, peace – all is well.

No judgement , no need to explain as all will become clear, results will speak for themselves. Trailblazer bringing it forward, educate, elucidate the time is now.

Don’t question just do.

The people and horses will come.

Fire up your connection to the energy of the Universe, sit in it, dwell in it. You are it. Life is energy but energy doesn’t die.

Circular, wheels overlapping interacting. What was before is now and will be again. Vortices of energy carrying information through the eons. No beginning, no end. Each circle has information added this is passed forward and back – hence you can change the past.

Time has no meaning, it is a human construct to try and explain. But they don’t really know. The surface has been just scraped. No beginning, no end.

The knowledge lies deep below and high above. It is reachable, tangible, but you must be open and ready to receive it.

Many people are reaching the point of openness, but only a few will cope with the information and energy. It is powerful and all-encompassing and will change the perception of everything as nothing will be seen as before.

A new understanding will prevail, but it will be hard as many will not believe, but the examples will flourish and be there and people will not be able to deny it – once their eyes are opened.

Your job is to help open their eyes. Your work will take you to where you need to be. Follow the path, the path is light and easy it will open before you. Do as you are doing. All is well.

Follow your path you are free there is no dictat, no rules, no expectation.

Follow the energy, follow the knowledge, follow the feel. You know what is right for you to take you to the right place and people.


You have a job to do. I will be by your side as is Midnight. She got you to this place and then passed the job onto me to guide instruct and protect. We are with you always as are a myriad other horses, before, now and after, all are horse energy.

Why did you love horses from such a young age? So you would follow your calling, so we could guide you. Nothing else matters but to be true to you – who you are, what you are, what you are destined to do.

There is much to do, but you will do it and more.


All is well.

Something will happen that will change the perception.

The forces and people are gathering to enable the change to happen.

All is aligned, all is in place, follow the feel, follow the path, you know it, you are on it. Everything is in place. Just follow.

All is well.


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