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The Truth. Teazel and Evie 22.02.24

I felt the urge to go and sit with Teazel and Evie and below are the words I wrote down.
This time there was no clear understanding from which horse the individual thoughts and words came from, it just felt like a collaboration.
As always I have written it as closely as possible to how I wrote it in the presence of the horses, so apologies if the grammar and structure are not all they could be!!!

The Truth
What is Truth?
It is our perception of the world – events, ideas, thoughts and happenings.
Everything is coloured by our experience and teachings.
It colours how we see the world.
It colours how we feel about the world.
It colours how we feel about what happens.
It colours how we may judge the world and its happenings.

We have to understand that there are multiple truths – each one is a Truth for an individual.
The trick is not to judge.

When we realise that a person has a different Truth to us and even though in this moment from our different experiences/perception their Truth may be the total opposite to ours, it is useful to step into the thought that if we had lived their life(s) and had their experiences – THEIR Truth might be OUR Truth. 

Just as when multiple people look at the same tree at the same time, they all see a different tree.
They are all standing at a different angle, all in a different light, all viewing that tree from their own perspective.
This makes the tree individual to them.

And then if those people are asked to describe the colour green of the leaves and the texture of the bark on the trunk and branches – how would they do that?

Each person will describe the green of the leaves and the texture of the bark through their own experience and perception and no-one can deny the “Truth” of how each person sees them.

So with all our Truths.

Whilst we may have words to describe and explain our Truth, if others have a different Truth of that moment or experience, their words may fall on stony ground with us as we don’t understand because it is NOT OUR TRUTH.
The upshot of this is to accept that everyone has and is entitled to their own Truth.
There is no right nor wrong – only What Is.

A different Truth is not a time for judgement. Instead it is an opportunity to practise empathy and understanding that we all come to this moment through our own experiences and perception …..
and that is the TRUTH.