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A Ripple in The Field. Teazel and Evie - 22.01.23

I felt compelled to go and sit with Teazel and Evie. As I sat with them both I heard the following words. It was interesting that I could not identify from which individual horse these words came, it felt like a combined connection. 
These words take a deep dive into how physicality comes about, how we as a physical entity come from a unique ripple in The Field. It looks at how the ripples that create the horse and the human are somehow at an energetic level inextricable connected in a way that allows us in our physical form as a human to access another level of information.

I write the words exactly as I wrote them when sat with Teazel and Evie. The Field, the Unified Field and Space-Time Continuum have all been used but all refer to the same thing – the energetic fabric of The Universe that creates and connects everything.

A Ripple in The Field – Teazel and Evie 22.01.23

The World is infinite, each individual ripple of the Space-Time continuum or the Unified Field, is unique – a unique incorporation of energy and information and that is what we are.
As we travel through our physical existence we bring in energy and we release information out into the Field due to our experience and perception. This is us informing The Field.

We are The Universe and The Universe is Us.

The horses are an expression of The Field with energy and information that is uniquely pertinent to us.
The ripple of The Field that makes up a horse is entangled/entrained into the ripple of the human – we know each other.

The expression of The Field that is a horse has a unique property that allows it to integrate with ours. This integration is what helps us humans connect with the horse, with each other and with The Universe.

The energy of the horse manifestation holds perception and entry ways into the Universal Field that are different to humans, but can be accessed by man.

As we sit and connect with the horses, our energies meld and new insights and perceptions are gifted to us,

We and the horses in essence are no different, we are both expressions of a ripple in The Field, the ripple that creates the expression of what we are and who we are.

The horse energy is the conduit to deeper understanding of who we are and what our purpose here in physical form actually is. 

On the big picture we are here to learn and inform The Field – add our experience to the information in the Unified Field. We do this by becoming that “physical entity” experiencing “life”, navigating the obstacles, traumas and emotions we encounter. 

We learn.

The Universe learns.

That information is then available to help the next person.

As I sit here, Evie and Teazel stood like statues, relaxed, leg cocked, licking and chewing in unison as they stand with me. It feels like they know what I am writing and relax knowing I have got the words they wish to convey.

I finish writing.
Now both horses have gone back to eating their hay.
They stood connecting with me as I wrote and when it was done they went back to eating

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