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What happens during a session.


The most important thing for me when carrying out a session whether 1:1 or distance is that the person I am working with is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The person can be seated or lying down and always remains fully dressed.

For most 1:1 sessions I work hands off although there are times when I may feel “hands on” is more appropriate. If this is the case I always ask permission from the client to make sure they are happy for this to happen.

A session both 1:1 and Distance lasts from 45 – 50 minutes. 

During a session some people feel sensations in their body such as heat, tingling or twitching, others do not. Either is perfect as whether or not they feel anything has no bearing on the outcome or efficacy of the session


A session with an animal is carried out in the same manner as for a person, generally hands off with the animal being in the environment in which it is most relaxed stable or pasture and being out with other horses is totally fine. A session generally lasts 30 -45 minutes

Like people some horses react to the energy and may go very still, yawn, stretch etc, others do not react at all. Again as with people, either is perfect and has no bearing on the efficacy or outcome of the session

Some animals however will make it quite clear when they have received everything they need by moving around or even walking off before the allotted time for the session is up. If this happens I respect the animal’s decision and end the session there.

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