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Getting the most out of a session

The information below will help you get the most out of a session whether it is in person or at a distance.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down.

There is no need to take off your watch or any jewellery.

There is no need to “do” anything e.g. alter your breathing, or consciously think or not think of anything. Just be.

You may feel sensations in your body such as tingling or heat. If you do note it, feel it and then let it go as something else might (or might not) happen!

You may not feel any sensations, this is just as valid as if you do feel something and has no bearing on the efficacy of the session.

If emotion comes up just go with the flow.

If you fall asleep, so be it! That is what is meant to happen. Many people report feeling relaxed and pleasantly drowsy by the end of the session.

Above all ENJOY!!

Thank you for visiting.

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