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Short and Sweet Series

Dwell Time

When I carry out a session of Point of Balance, I always say that changes can happen immediately or take a couple of weeks or more to manifest.
This video contains my thoughts on why this delay before change may occur.

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What a session of POB can help with

A question I often get asked is if a session can help with a certain condition or ailment. In this video I explain that whilst I feel the potential of a session is limitless, it is whether it is appropriate timing for the system I am working with to step into balance and so health that is the ultimate deciding factor on whether “healing” occurs.
The only healer is the system itself.

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Sharing the Energy

A slightly deeper explanation as to why when I only work with one person or animal at a time other animals or people nearby may pick up on the energy.

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Directing the Energy

A quick explanation on how when carrying out a distance session I direct the energy .
Also how during a session the energy can sometimes appear to be “shared” with horses, people or other animals nearby.

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