A friend recently asked me the question “What do you do?” It was in relation to adding me to a Facebook group where she would introduce me with a description of my work.

I had to stop and think as the question has two possible meanings. Either, how do I carry out my work i.e. what method do I use or, what effect does my work have on the people I work with?

Whilst I could offer some kind of an explanation for the first interpretation of the question, I honestly had no idea about answering the second, so I asked a few of my friends and clients if they would enlighten me from their perspective as to what was their experience of having a session.

Their kind words are below along with some lovely testimonials I have subsequently received from clients.

"Kathy's treatments are wonderful, they tap into the uniqueness of each person and leave you feeling more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually, bringing a sense of peace and healing that is beyond words"
Linda Tasker

On 1st August 2021 I received this beautiful message from Erin who has kindly given me permission to share it.

Erin had got in touch and asked if I would work with her horse Sandar. We duly arranged a session for 26th July. As is my usual way of working, I had no information other than the horses name and the time zone in which they lived.

Just wanted to thank you again for working with my horse Sandar. Since our session Monday 7/26 he has opened his heart, mind and body to me in ways I could never have imagined!

Sandar wasn’t suffering from any health condition. We are new to each other. He’s a fantastic horse, but for many years was with the wrong human. He lost his love of work, and his drive. He became very shut down and cynical around people. His ears were always back. He was always biting and gnashing at the cross ties.

I wasn’t going to buy him, and everyone at the barn said I was making a mistake. I follow Warwick Schiller. I knew his problems were all people related. They were. They still are. I’ve been working so hard to understand him, gain his trust, and show him we both can experience this life in a better space.

Enter you, and your ability to facilitate. Your work has made a difference. I express my heart felt thanks.
I included a picture of the two of us. So you could put faces to those you have helped.

Forever grateful…..Erin and Sandar. “

And when I asked her about if he responded in any way during the session she wrote.

“Hi Kathy,
I was with Sandar when you were working on him. It’s funny because I could tell, I believe when you started. He gave a huge release, big yawn and started blowing. Sandar then walked off and continued to graze peacefully.

About mid way through the session he came up to me. Sandar approached me very softly, with this loving warm energy. He nuzzled my chest, and placed his muzzle in my hands. (He has never done this before when he’s in turn out). Then he turned, slowly walked away and went back to grazing.

It’s odd, but I really felt his presence when he approached me. So full of loving, soft energy. And I might be crazy, but it’s like he was acknowledging the process. And giving me a thank you.

Erin Bergersen

Hi Kathy!

This feels long overdue, but I have been wanting and meaning to reach out to you to update you since our session together.

Ah, where to start. It took a few days, and I think the sceptic/ ‘scientist’ / fearful parts of myself were holding on to hope and resistance, but I couldn’t help but feel differences. Honestly, it was the first time in as long as I can remember that I can say I have truly felt a sense of calm on a whole-being level. Even as someone who preferences a bottom-up approach to change/ therapy/ learning, I can’t say I’ve ever been able to have an experience quite like the way I felt after our session. I’m not even sure if this makes sense, but the differences really came into focus for me during my monthly supervision session with my psychologist. She has worked with me closely in processing past trauma and my often ‘always on’ way of operating both cognitively and physically. She really noticed a difference without any intention for her to from me, and wanted to know what I had done haha!

I can’t thank you enough. there is so much I could talk to, like the absence of constant buzzing, the way I hold my breath stopped, I could really tune into life, conversation, nature with all of my senses, and more than ever I felt the ability to be calm and present in my contact with others. Those words you said to me really resonated about being the voice and speaking my truth. So many opportunities and doors have opened since I’ve trusted myself to speak when I would normally not, and to put my hand up when I would doubt myself. Soon after our session I actually had the opportunity to take over the role of trainer for Queensland for the institute of equine-assisted psychotherapy in Australia, so I’m now training other psychologists and counsellors in this wonderful work, which just feels like all of my passions rolled into one! Normally I wouldn’t share this news with someone I’m not super familiar with as it feels a bit braggy, but I just feel like it’s all relevant. The horses are doing wonderfully too, we have a new little mini called Duke who has joined Dakota and Tala and there is a real balance and calmness to them I feel, and the little guy brings so much joy!

I am still working a lot in my quite stressful job at a school, involving a lot that I can do very little about, a lot of child protection stuff and a lot that is hard for me to shake off. I feel the buzzing returning, the tension in my body, and I’m craving working with you some more. I don’t know how you feel about this as I know generally you work with people once, but I don’t know, I just feel drawn to having another session. I had this grand plan that I would push through until the point that I can leave this job and work in my private practice full time, and then treat myself to the awakening, haha. With the story that it would help to ‘reset’ or get rid of what has managed to accumulate in the time back in that working environment. 

But if I’m really listening to my body, I don’t really want to keep trying to push through. I really feel like a lot of it is what I take in from work particularly. I don’t know if this aligns with your ways of working, but if it does, I’d really love to look at booking in another session for myself sometime soon, and then talk to you more about booking in the awakening at the end of this year or early next year.

Apologies for the length of this ramble! I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch,

Kind regards,

                   Heather  July 2021

Heather Lucass
A recent experience confirmed for me something I already knew; my natural energy was a tangled knot of anxiety firing around my nervous system like a pinball. This was having a detrimental effect on my relationship with my beloved horse. Horses know if what you present on the outside does not match up with what is inside you, they don’t like it and they will tell you that in their own way. One thing I have learned over the past few years of my life’s journey is to reach out for help if it is available. I knew that Kathy could help me, so I picked up the phone and called her. Our subsequent, 45-minute telephone call, which began with me asking if I could arrange a Point of Balance Session, was, in fact, a Point of Balance Session. During our conversation, Kathy gently guided me towards finding a deeper sense of self-awareness. The tangled knot of anxious energy began to unravel and decelerate and transformed into a sense of strength, peace and relief. The energy in the untangled threads of that knot realigned to give me a positively charged sense of purpose and clarity on how to move forward. I took the first step on my new path later that day and the outcome was profound, so much so, that I messaged Kathy to let her know. Forever grateful Kathy.
Pam Brown
I highly recommend Kathy's work. I have had her work energetically on several of my horses ( I'm in another country ) with noticeable positive changes. In particular her work on a Brumby I was showing at Equitana was impressive, with the mare showing calm and relaxed on her first outing at a major event . Kathy is a gifted healer, with a beautiful energy , integrity and a love for horses .
Linda Morrison
Kathy uses her life experience to help you discover the barrier that stops you understanding yourself. She uses the research, science and energetic techniques she has studied, to help you find balance and clarity.
Tam Saunders
A treatment with Kathy... These are gently powerful sessions. Kathy is so calm, knowledgeable and kind. She leads you through a journey of self awareness, connection, self understanding and healing. She always helps me unravel the ‘stuff’ that keeps me caught, sad and just not getting whats going on. I’ve always trusted Kathy in all ways. She is a very special lady and I feel so lucky to know her. A session with her is pure soul cleanse.
Imogen Plaskitt
I have known Kathy for a couple of years now through my relationship and journey with horses and we became much closer last year due to us spending some quality time together with like minded people in the tranquil setting of Bodiam castle in the English summer time. It was clear to me then that she possessed something...extra! Since then, she has been my mentor into my own personal growth and discovery and on a recent trip to the USA, I was feeling particularly conflicted with a few issues of concern both personally and professionally. Kathy and I talked on the phone for a good hour and she also performed some distance 'zapping' as she terms it. I can only describe how I woke up the next morning as a revelation!! I felt something that had weighed me down for nearly 6 months....lift and disappear. Kathy is a rare person, one that is to be totally trusted, and one that is wise beyond her own comprehension and I love her all the more for that fact alone. She is kindness personified, generous, loving, accepting and exceptionally talented. I'm proud to be her friend and I totally recommend approaching her for help.
Katie Richards
I had been diagnosed with tennis elbow and my doctor had told me I needed to be off work for six months in order to let it heal. I went to see Kathy. During the session the pain intensified and travelled up my arm and into my chest. When I described this to Kathy after the session all she said was maybe there was something I wasn't saying. I was going through a tough time with a relationship, but I honestly cannot remember if I did ever "speak" maybe just knowing what was needed was enough. All I know is that the pain was gone by the next day and has never returned despite my job being very physical. Recently I also got in touch with Kathy to ask her to work at distance with my brother-in-law who lives in the USA. He was critically ill suffering from septacaemia . Within 2 hours of speaking to Kathy I got a phone call telling me my brother-in-law had turned the corner and was getting better. When I told Kathy this, she immediately said "That's wonderful, but I didn't do anything. Not only were there undoubtedly others wishing him well, but he healed himself." For me this is the why Kathy is so powerful. She works with no ego. She comes from a pure, special place of light and energy.
Mel Richards
A few years ago I was struggling with back pain, pins and needles and legs giving way. We travelled down to wales for a lovely break in Kath's beautiful bungalow. After a few hours of travelling we arrived, I was unable to get out of the car without assistance. The next day Kath asked if I would like a treatment with her. The treatment was amazing. My experience during the treatment was so relaxing I think I fell asleep but not sure, I felt someone was holding my hand to comfort me and it wasn't Kath because at no time did Kath make physical contact. After the treatment I was blown away. I could walk with no pain or pins and needles. The next day it was still the same so was able to go for walks comfortably. Thank you Kath for the most incredible energy.
Tom Windsor
During the healing Dot and I were very quiet, a couple of times she put her nose to me but on the whole didn’t want physical contact. I touched her shoulder once but she plainly told me to not do that. I enjoyed just being with her, she is a beautiful animal and I’d never looked at her from a seated angle…During the healing I kept hearing a cat miaow and when the healing finished I noticed that the cat was sitting above the 2 of us. Just before you called, there was a flash of light and both of us looked out on the stable door expecting something, but didn’t see anything. Then you called to say it was over… The following day when I saw Dot her behaviour was astounding, calm, connected to me and didn’t once stop during our exercise routine… she was so calm … I sent you a text at the time because it was absolutely bowled over. She’s been lovely since then, I’ve seen her everyday, the physiotherapist came yesterday and was very impressed with her progress… I’m very happy that she is getting better, but I’m really really happy that we’re connected again now, and so much more than before. I want to thank you for your support and tell you that to think that I can call you if I have any troubles with her makes me feel immensely supported. Thank you She and I have come a very long way in just these 2 weeks."
Katherine and Dot
Kathy’s work is quite unlike any other healing I have ever experienced. I feel a deep peace wrap around me and then it seems to me as if the veil between this world and the other realms opens and that delicious peace deepens. I see beautiful colours, feel gentle touches and can clearly sense the presence of ones I can only assume are Guides, Teachers or Angels. But then afterwards I feel as if my course in life is corrected. As if have come home deeply to my soul's calling and to my most precious dreams. I have always felt that I am deeply loved and supported during and after the sessions. As if the session has reacquainted me with my own Angels, Guides and Ancestors and my way forward in life. Kathy is both an extraordinary healer and also down to earth and practical, living an ordinary life alongside her healing practice, as mother, farmer, wife and friend. A rich combination indeed!
Catriona MacDonald
I find it very hard to quantify the benefits of a treatment from Kathy. It is usually easy to observe the immediate effects on animals: their relaxation at the time of treatment and afterwards, their brightness, if not vast improvement or recovery, all of which I have witnessed many times. For myself, I have noted various reactions in my own body, ranging from extreme heightened awareness accompanied by feeling akin to an electrically charged ‘wash’ through my body; to deep relaxation and sensations in particular parts of my body, including tingling, twitching and a pleasant, but quite intense, warmth. Afterwards I sleep better (sometimes very deeply). My head feels cleared and my body feels lighter. If I have had a particular issue, I have always noted improvement, or disappearance of the symptom. I have no claim to knowing or understanding what Kathy does, but I can testify without hesitation that whether it is a treatment or merely a phone call, I always feel lighter, more balanced and whole after Kathy’s attention.
Jess Wallace
Thanks for the recent help with the healing sessions. In my mind it did restart the healing process after the trauma of the past few months. Both Angela and myself felt the calmness of the room during the sessions. It was very relaxing and might I add very serene.
Alan Rhodes
Drawing on elementals, Kathy's treatment is a positive reinforcement of mental and physical well-being. This creates a sensation of comfortable equilibrium in the subject, under any circumstance.
Sabrina Johnson
It re-balances and centres me when I am feeling dispirited/less than vibrant. Helps me get perspective and well-being back through reconnecting with my essence.
Carolyn Parry

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