A lovely testimonial

I was recently contacted by a client who had recently had a session and was writing to say thank you for how it had helped, but also mentioned how she was now fearful for the future.
I have included here our whole conversation in the hope that if anyone else is going through a similar sort of anxiety and fear, something in these words may help.

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The Mustangs

In May 2019 at the Western States Horse Expo , I was lucky enough to meet and get to work with the mustangs of Maddy Shambaugh aka Mustang Maddy.
It was an experience I shall never forget.

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Lot No. 33

The magical story of Lot 33 – Midnight and how she led me to the wonderful world of energy and connection.

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The Tower Talk

The Tower Talk I’ve found The Tower Talk a very powerful tool when getting a person to understand another person’s point of view. Consider a

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