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Gateway to You
Next course scheduled for February 2024

A course to help you discover and enhance your power, purpose and potential

Gateway to You.

Guidance course

Mission Statement for this course

To discover and enhance your power, purpose and potential

To help you heal, to help you create, to help you connect, to help you access your unique power and potential

This work will be unique to YOU.

You are already magnificent in your uniqueness.
 This course is about helping you step into your power so you can become a facilitator to help yourself and others regardless of what type of work you do.

This course is appropriate for those seeking to step into energy work as well those already engaged in an energetic modality.

 Gateway to You is also appropriate for those working in other fields such as the world or art, the world of business, the world of education, the world of horse training etc.


12 weeks 

8 participants maximum

Next course date (to be confirmed) starting Jan 2024

Pre-requisites to enrol on course

Each participant to have had:-
1 x Session
The Awakening
These pre-requisites are in place so that I know you have had the opportunity to step into the power and awareness that a session and The Awakening can bring to you, This puts you in the best possible place to receive the benefits of the Gateway to You course.

£999 payable as 3 monthly payments of £333
The course is accessed through Thinkific.
Once you have created a Thinkfic account which is free, I send you a code each month for three months which gives you to access that month’s part of the course. You pay through Thinkific for the course.
Payment can be via PayPal or via a card payment.

Subjects to be covered.

I had started off by envisaging us studying one subject per week for 12 weeks, but as this course has evolved I realised there are far more than 12 subjects that I wish to explore with you, Therefore as some subjects may be less involved that others, some months we will be discussing more than one of the following subjects.

This is the list as it stands at the moment, but there will be more subjects added as the course progresses.
Everyone who attends the course will have lifetime access to the course subject matter plus access to any extra subjects that may be added at a later date.
This course is designed for you to work at your own pace. There is no timetable as such, other than I release a section of the course at the start of each month and I do ask that people on the course download it within a week of sending out the link.


Introduction and Insights

Energy and The Field


Looking at your work as an Art, a Philosophy and a Science




No Judgement

No Expectation. No attachment 

Finding your Purpose

Authenticity and Integrity

What is healing? Who is the healer?

Sessions during the Course


Everyone on the course will receive a total of 3 sessions of Point of Balance
2 x Presence sessions 1:1 via Zoom
1 x Distance session
at timings to suit each person individually.

There will also be group Zoom calls where all the subjects and anything arising can be discussed.
There will also be a group chat created on WhatsApp or FB messenger – whichever is most appropriate for the course participants.


As we explore each topic, I will be recommending books and or videos that I feel may be helpful to deepen and clarify your understanding of the subject.


Any Questions

If you have any questions or queries concerning this course please do get in touch either by 
email :-
Messenger from this page
 WhatsApp on +44 7968803776
 Text or phone call on 07968803776

Thank you for visiting.

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