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Anything and Everything is Possible 31.08.17

In this tale inspired by Teazel, she leads me down a path of discovery of how anything and everything is possible. She gave me the analogy of us learning how to step up through the colours of a rainbow with the aim of being able to access and understand each colour, so that in the end we could reach the goal of discovering pure white light.
This process is analogous to the process of us moving forward through our life gaining and using more information at each step, and us following a path truly unique to ourselves.

Anything and Everything is Possible 31.08.17 

Anything and everything is possible, it is just we are “taught” what reality is and that reality comes through the limitation of the human thinking mind.

When we expand our consciousness and let go, all things are possible, we can create everything, it is how the World came into being – from energy alone.

All answers are out there for us to find, but first we must free ourselves of our constraints, only then can we step into knowingness. In knowingness we find the answers. This does NOT mean we “know” everything; it means that when we put a train of thought out there, we step into the path that allows us to find the answer or make the discovery.

It allows us to step into the place of “no-thing. 

We do not follow a path previously followed by human thought, therefore the outcome and knowledge is novel and unknown. The information is already out there, the answers to EVERYTHING are out there, we have to learn the way to access them.

It is like looking at the bands of a rainbow. At the moment we as humans have only accessed the lower colours at the inside of the arch so we can access and “use” those colours. But to obtain true, pure, white light we have to move beyond the lower colours and through the whole spectrum. When we manage to do this, we achieve the goal of pure white light that is the sum of all the colours.

To move upwards or make a discovery we have to accept where we are each time individually on that spectrum and allow ourselves to step into the next colour. That new combination of colours now accessible to us will allow us to create/find/understand the next step. And then when the time is right we find the way to step up again into that next colour and the process is repeated.

The path through the colours that each person takes is individual. The path is dictated by who we are, what we’ve experienced and what we believe. All of these factors can of course be a limitation if we do not develop and step into that place of nothingness where we accept we “don’t know” and allow the flow to the next place of “no-thing” to happen.

There we will find the next answer on OUR OWN path.

The answer we find is individual, is unique and is powerful and may have immense significance for humanity as a whole as in a technological breakthrough/ a scientific paradigm previously unknown, or it may be the answer we need at that moment to become who we are meant to be.

The answers are all there, we just have to access them.

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