Connection and Energy 25.03.16

Teazel really takes me into the realms of energy and connection, and even speaks of prevention of cancer!
The words she gives me speak of concepts that I am only now in 2021 really stepping into and trying to understand! 

It is only with my recent discovery of the work and words of Nassim Haramein that I am truly getting a grasp of  “The Universe lives within us and we live within the Universe” and yet over 5 years ago these are the words Teazel gifted to me!

Connection and Energy 25.03.16

At the core of us lies the essence not only of who we are, but the true connection of ourselves to The Universe.
In reality we are The Universe, there is no barrier or divide. The Universe lives within us and we live within The Universe.
When we “get” the connection of ourselves to our essence it means that every one of the trillion of cells, every molecule, every atom, every sub-atomic particle that is vibrating to make “us/me” is in connection not only with each other but with the “essence” inside us- so we are truly connected with ourselves, but also truly connected to The Universe.

When we get that “true” connection doubts, fears, worries fall away as all we have is what is NOW! 

All we have is now.

In that moment the experience is of peace, happiness and “enlightenment”. All the knowledge of The Universe is at our fingertips because we are one with The Universe – we are The Universe.
All that was, that is and that will be is part of us – time is an illusion and does not exist.

That true connection is energy so vast and unimaginable it cannot be described, light but not as we know it is part of that spectrum – it is the way cells talk to each other.

When there is darkness there is a dimmer connection. This is what causes cancer at a fundamental level.

Cancerous cells have lost the connection to each other and to source. They keep reproducing trying to find that connection, but unless the connection is re – established, the cancer lives on. they are lonely, disassociated cells with no meaning, no use, no worth.

True cure of cancer is by prevention. It is the person re-establishing their connection with the source inside them and so with The Universe.

Connection = peace = balance= health

When we sit in our own connection we can truly connect with others. Our energy flies out of us 360 degrees around us. When we are truly connected to our source, our energy “halo” is vast, pure and strong.

Our strong pure connected energy can show and help another system connect. They connect and shine more brightly and so help the next system.

Change yourself to change the world.

It is the core of being, the essence that is the “spark” of life that makes us alive.
When we die the shell is the cells, but the core detaches and is one with The Universe – dissolving back into the Energy of what is – it never diminishes or disappears or is destroyed.
It is when that core of being/energy goes into the next system that life is created.

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