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Introduction to Teazel's Tales

24th Jan 2015 The deal was done, Teazel was my new horse!!!
Part of the agreement was that Teazel would stay with Clive until mid-April, so that meant I negotiated the lack of time to work with my new horse due to lambing and calving as well as there being the chance of having some grass for her arrival in April!



The following writings came about periodically over the months and years following Teazel’s arrival.

For Christmas 2013 a very kind friend had given me a beautiful leather-bound notebook with a brass dragon motif and brass clasp. When I was given this book I had no idea what it would be used for – only that it would definitely be for something special.

And so it was.

The first entry in this book are my thoughts about my loss of Min, what she had taught me and what she described to Cat in that final hour.

Thereafter it became Teazel’s book and is now in fact part of the logo for Teazel’s Tales here on my website. 

Thank you for visiting.

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