On this page you will find access to new and current video and resources that are either stand alone or are part of a course.
These videos are accessed through Thinkific a site facilitating access to learning resources. 

If the video you wish to view is free pressing the link for it will take you straight to the video.

If payment is required to view the video when you press the link it will take you to Thinkific where you will be asked to create an account (free of charge) and then you will be taken to a payment area where you can pay via PayPal or credit card.

If the you have a token to use for the video either a %  discount or a full 100% value – meaning you have free access to the video – on the first payment page there is a link “Have a coupon?” please click this and enter the code that you have been given and you will be taken straight through to the video.

Zoom Live talk 21.07.21
You are the healer. 

Three everyday strategies for wellness and health.
$27 for lifetime access

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