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Return to Self. Two-day course, Nr Brisbane, Australia

With Heather Lucass and guest speaker Kathy Price

The Details:  

Date: 2nd and 3rd September 2023  

Timing: 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday

Location: 64-72 Springflats Court Moorina QLD 4506 

Retreat: The Return to Self, two-day course which is being held at Heather’s beautiful property, is aimed at showing ways we can uncover and return to our authentic selves.  

We will explore psychological, energetic and emotional tools that will lead us back to our power, connection and clarity, abilities which so often become covered up by the conditioning and expectation of Western culture, but in reality are the birthright of our true and authentic Self.

Each day the course will include informal teaching and discussion, as well as spending time with Heather’s amazing horses where we can explore the ways in which horses can help us recognise and embrace our true Self.

The Return to You course is set up to inform whilst being friendly, inclusive and fun. Our hope is that by gaining a greater connection and understanding of your true Self, you will be able to carry this knowledge forward to the benefit of every aspect of your life. 


More about Kathy and Heather:  

Both Heather Lucass through her ReWilding programme and Kathy Price through Point of Balance, work to help people step into their authenticity and their unique power and potential.

Heather’s work of ReWilding looks at all the layers, systems and ways that we respond to our environment that can lead to a movement away from our true self.

Blending modern psychotherapy theory with the ancient wisdom of the horse, Heather demystifies what it means to (re)discover your true self. With horses as teachers and guides, she guides you to dive into key principles that equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to step into your true potential.

ReWilding is for those longing for a deeper connection with themselves, their horse, nature, or others in their life. It’s for those who feel like the notion of trusting your intuition seems like an intangible nicety or a distant memory. It’s for those who have belief systems that are holding them back from stepping into their true potential. 

Kathy’s work of Point of Balance centres around the belief and experience that when a system be it person or animal, is in balance at every level physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, it is in a place to step into its unique power to heal, to create and to access its true purpose and potential.

Kathy works by “conditioning” the Universal Field that connects everything, making it easier for the system she is working with to find the information it needs to heal itself.

Everything is energy and Kathy’s work is about helping people understand and utilise their innate energetic connection with all of the information contained within the Universe.

Both Heather and Kathy’s work is about helping people to step beyond the teachings of Western society where the brain and thinking are seen as the only ways to find answers.

The Return to Self clinic is about helping people recognise and return to their innate connection to all that is. The place of connection is what we have always known, but through our conditioning by modern lifestyle and experience, our understanding and access to this place has for many been lost. The innate connection to all is how our ancestors survived and thrived and its use lives on through the remaining indigenous people of the world.  It is the place from where all knowledge truly comes. 

Accommodation:  Accommodation is not included in the retreat cost. We have provided a shortlist below of some recommended accommodation options:  

Local camping (5 mins away): Rocksberg Camping 

Guesthouse: (15 mins away): Tropical Delight Guesthouse 

Farm Stay/ Room (2mins away): Welcome to Serenity 

Brisbane North B&B and Winery: (15 minutes away, multiple room options): Narangba Motel aka Brisbane North B&B and Winery 

Guesthouse: (15 mins away): Wamuran Gatehouse Lodge  

Cost and payment:  

The cost of the Retreat is AU$1150   

This includes the 2-day course plus morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days as well as all drinks, tea and coffee.

To secure your place on the Retreat a non-refundable deposit of AU$400 is payable with the submission of your registration form.  

Balance payment of AU$750 due by 1st Aug 2023

details for making payment are located on the registration form.  

Registration form:  

Please click on the link below to register your place on the retreat. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heather at: or 0426967408.  

We look forward to meeting you in September!  

Kind regards, 
Heather and Kathy

Thank you for visiting.

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