Teazel and the Uniqueness of You. 20.04.17

In this short episode of Teazel’s Tales, Teazel talks again of the space and finding your own unique way forward.

Teazel and the Uniqueness of you.  20.04.17
Everything comes to he who waits. Mustn’t rush anything. The Devil is in the detail, the smaller parts make the whole.

The same in healing, the parts must be aligned for the being to be in balance. Something mis-aligned – flow does not happen.

I have connection to what was, what is and what will be. My pathi s clear, do not hinder it. Look for the space.

The space is the place of possibilities. It is the place where “it” hasn’t happened yet.
It is the place you create your own path. You access the information around you and you are unique, no being/spirit/entity/energy has ever been the same as you not ever will be.
The permutations of every second ensure that you are truly the only one of you.

Use the power of uniqueness and knowledge to forge your won way forward to reach your own insights and goals
Everything you encounter and do has a significance – it is part of the bigger whole even if it shows you what not to do

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