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Teazel and Training 5.11.15

In this “download”, Teazel appears to talk to me about the way forward in training. At the time I recorded this in my notebook I was deep into the training offered by Warwick Schiller, and most certainly was seeing spectacular results following the Plan. 

It is now over five years later and I find deeper meaning in her words. I believe Teazel was referring to something far more fundamental than the “training” of the horse.
Now with hindsight I think she was preparing me to look at not only a different way of helping horses both access their body in a true and powerful way and so heal themselves, but also about the way that horses would become more and more important in teaching people about energy and connection – my two favourite words.

Teazel and Training 5.11.15

I am the new way forward. Through me you will discover new ways of being, learning and training.

What has been before has served its purpose, done its job, but now is the time for evolution – evolution on all fronts, including the training of horses.

This is not about system, programme, dictat or old beliefs, it is about being free to step into a new way of thinking.

You are all doing this on many fronts and facets, but now is the time to embrace another learning curve.

There is no emotion, no judgement, expectation or upset about what has been is these words.

I will speak with candour about how I feel to be trained. I must be free, free to move in every way I can. or might need to. Restriction of any kind prevents free flow of energy and the information needed for my cells to communicate with each other.

Together we must clarify what is needed – the movements, the cues, the time, the intent. Together we can hone these to a fine skill that can be passed onto all. The truth of this will be in the results and they will be there for all to see.

I must be able to move as it is from these movements that I am free to learn to step into the next place. You provide me with freedom to do this on all levels, but you must trust that I am capable of doing it (as are all horses). 

What is known is good and has its purpose, but you are about stepping out into the unknown, breaking down barriers and finding new ways of learning and being.

My job is to help you do that. Watch and learn. Kathy you must follow feel of what is right for me to do. Trust yourself – I will guide you. Keep note as this will be a blueprint, a core from which much can be learnt and evolved from.
Measure, photograph, film, note down every little detail weekly and learn from this. This is your job now.

Trust and allow. All is well.

Thank you for visiting.

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