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The place of nothing: No-thing. The Gap. 16.11.16


This is quite a confusing one to read as at Teazel talks of the place of “no-thing” being the place of where “things” can be created.
For me what she is alluding to is when we can step into clarity and let the creation of others fall away, we allow ourselves to find ourselves, to free ourselves and to become creators in our own right.

The place of “no-thing. 16.11.16

It’s all about the space, the opening, the place between, the no-thing-ness.
Don’t go reaching for the “thing”, look for the “no-thing” because there you’ll find the inspiration, the answer and the way forward.

In the place of “no-thing” there is nothing in your way for forward movement and remember movement is one of the trio needed to be incorporated with balance and clarity/awareness to become your true self.

To find the place of “no-thing” stop and literally look between the vibrations of the atoms, find the space and move into it.

There your own vibration can be free from outside influence, there you will feel the real authentic you – “your-self”. In that space there is no interference from anything else.

In that space there is free access to knowledge and understanding.

“Things” have been created in the place of “no-thing”, the creation is yours

This is the place of powerful creating, nothing gets in the way. You can start your own individual vibration that can reverberate out and start creating.

The place of “no-thing” is the place of creation and power.


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