The Way Forward. 28.10.15

In this post Teazel appears to be like my own personal cheerleader, egging me on to actually step up and into the weirdness I now 6 years later call normality. 
It is interesting the time correlation of Oct 28th 2015 as this was only seven days after I had come back from a seminar in London, that became the catalyst for me to make the decision to step away from being a practitioner of something, of having a label I could hide behind and instead was ready to take the step into becoming ME! 
Writing this post now in 2021, I again wonder with these musings that happen as I sit with Teazel, is she informing me, or is her presence allowing me to find the words? 
Either way I am so grateful to have this horse in my life.❤️🙏

Teazel – The Way Forward.     28.10.15

Not for you to decide it will find you. There are many diverse opportunities and pathways out there and you WILL find the correct one.
Have faith, allow the process to happen, follow intention, attention, no tension – adhere to those principles. 

You are the sum of all your parts. Every experience, thought, energy, trauma, love, job, and meeting you have had in your life makes you. 

You are not YOU without accepting and allowing everyone of those things to play its part in being you.

You might “think” you know the way forward, but your true path is WAY beyond thinking. Your energy is out there clearing the correct path for you. All you have to do is ALLOW and step into it.

I am by your side to guide, teach, and challenge you if you stray too far. We are on this journey together.
Be aware of every nuance. Sit in the now and you will see how everything is aligning into a clear channel for you to move into.

Sit. Be silent. Have no fear. ALL IS WELL!

Your true journey is the true expression of who you are – all your parts moulded into one true being. It is the path that gives everything back to you, that holds no fear only joy; no wanting, only sufficiency in everything.

The hints and clues for you to follow are there. It is not for me to TELL you or SHOW you, you HAVE to find it for yourself or it means nothing. This goes for other people telling you – YOU have to step into it of your own accord.

It is your destiny prescribed since before you were born, BUT you don’t HAVE to do it, it is just the path of most meaning for your life, but the ultimate choice is yours and yours alone to make.

I come to you as a guide and mentor, but whatever you decide I am with you by your side, as one with you. Nothing will ever change that. 

(Here Teazel licked and chewed for quite some time.)

Be Brave. Be True. Be You.

All is Well!

Great things are opening up and being shown to you, these are signposts to help you. You are integral to the process, when you release the fear and control, you will truly be able to embrace what is in front of you.

You have choice and that will always be there, but I am here to help you with your choices. Together we are a team. Learn from me. Trust me.

Remember there are no boundaries in this world, everything is an illusion built by our consciousness to try and make sense of things.

You have the ability to step beyond the “physical normality” to see what truly lies above and below. You are connected to this. This is the “source” from where everything originates.
(Here again Teazel licked and chewed.)

Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid – step forward into ultimate connection and all will be revealed.

All is Well!



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