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The Nature of Us

I was so happy to be invited back by Robyn and Warwick Schiller to attend the Journey On Summit Down Under.

As before our TIC talk (Teach, Inspire, Connect) could be about anything that we were passionate about and that we wanted to share with the world.

This time round my talk was entitled “The Nature of Us”.

I am so happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to present at a Journey On Summit for the second time

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Reflections on the Podcast Summit

I was so happy to be invited onto Jane Pike’s Confident Rider Podcast along with my amazing friends Robyn Schiller and Christine Dickson to chew the fat over our thoughts and experiences of the inaugural Journey On Podcast Summit

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Teazels Tails

Evie’s Words

Evie is now joining in with Teazel – leading me to insights and experiences.
The words Evie gave me are all about our past experiences and how we carry them with us always.

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A Ripple in the Field 22.01.23

An insight to the expression of physicality – we are a Ripple in the Unified Field. It looks at how the ripples that create a horse and the human are inextricably connected.

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What can a session of Point of Balance help with

A question I regularly get asked is what can a session Point of Balance can help with ? Anxiety, illness, cancer, depression?
My answer is always the same.
A session has the potential to help with any and all conditions, but I cannot make any change happen.

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End of Year Magic 31.12.20

😊😊 audio file I recorded as I walked in the woods early on New Year’s Eve 2020. I thought I had received all the magic for the year, but I was lucky enough that the trees had a bit more to show me! #gratitude

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Energy Consciousness and Love

After a conversation with Warwick Schiller who had just interviewed Rupert Isaacson author of the book and film The Horse Boy, for his podcast, this is what I experienced. Insights into energy, connection, consciousness and love.
Apologies for the sound quality – it was raining!!

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Point of balance

Horses and Connection

A video showing the connection with all these horses as I worked with Tivo the bay in the foreground.
It was truly magical to be part of this gathering.

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My thoughts on loss of our beloved horses and the gifts they give to us.

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A lovely testimonial

I was recently contacted by a client who had recently had a session and was writing to say thank you for how it had helped, but also mentioned how she was now fearful for the future.
I have included here our whole conversation in the hope that if anyone else is going through a similar sort of anxiety and fear, something in these words may help.

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The Mustangs

In May 2019 at the Western States Horse Expo , I was lucky enough to meet and get to work with the mustangs of Maddy Shambaugh aka Mustang Maddy.
It was an experience I shall never forget.

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Lot No. 33

The magical story of Lot 33 – Midnight and how she led me to the wonderful world of energy and connection.

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The Tower Talk

The Tower Talk I’ve found The Tower Talk a very powerful tool when getting a person to understand another person’s point of view. Consider a

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